EWT's capabilities include a full range of fabrication services for certified process packages and steel structures.​

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels (Separators, Scrubbers, Knock-out Drums, Slug Catchers) and Process Packages, Process Piping, Manifold Skids, Pigging Facilities, Metering Skids, PIG Launchers and Receiver Packages complete with Instrumentation and, Associated Steelworks.​

Subsea process equipment

Subsea process equipment including Manifolds, Terminations and Assemblies, Pig Launcher Receivers and Jumpers.

Offshore constructions

Offshore constructions; Jackets and Platforms, Foundation/Suction/Anchor Piles, Buoys, Buoyancy Tanks, Subsea Arches.

Storage tanks

Storage tanks and associated pipe works, and structural steel works.

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects and Oil & Gas Facility EPCI.

Typical materials

Typical materials include carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, duplex stainless steel, 316SS cladding, while the planned acquisition of exotic materials’ capabilities is in progress.​

Welding capabilities

Welding capabilities include SMAW, FCAW, TIG, SAW, combination, weld overlay.​

Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation

Fabrication and installation of a wide range of steel works including structural and architectural steel, telecommunications towers, billboards, and helipads.